Clinical supervision


Clinical Supervision

I was blessed to have great clinical supervisors that helped me prepare for both the Law and Ethics and Clinical Exam.  I had 4 clinical supervisors' that helped me pass both tests on the first try.  I can help you accomplish this task by providing you with knowledge, skills, and experience I have gained over the past 6 years.  We will go over vignettes in depth to discuss ethical and legal questions; talk about possible diagnosis; discuss treatment options; and discuss possible referrals.  We will meet weekly in person or via FaceTime to discuss your current case load and talk about difficult cases as well.  I am able to supervise ACSW, AMFT, Clinical Psychologist, and APCC.  

Group Supervision

The use of group supervision is a great way to learn; I may even go as far and say it is better than individual supervision.  When I was going thru supervision, I was blessed to be able to have weekly group supervision meetings where a group of us would discuss current situations and clinical vignettes.  This was a great opportunity to learn because there was always a person who would see things differently and challenge our perceptions.  I will offer group supervision if there are 2 or more individuals interested.