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Managing Mood Disorders


  • Cognitive Therapy 
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Strenghts Based
  • Bio-Psycho-Social Assessment
  • Building Positive Coping skills

Anxiety Disorders


  • Grounding Techniques
  • Mindfullness
  • PTSD
  • Meditation
  • Staying In The Moment

Treatment Planning


  • Treatment Goals
  • Lenght of Treatment
  • Progression
  • Journaling
  • Self Help

Danilo Hughes, lcsw


Danilo Hughes, LCSW

Hello, my name is Danilo Hughes and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  I have been in the field of social work, social welfare, counseling, case management, and psychotherapy for over 12 years.  I graduated from California State University, Sacramento in 2006 with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology and after graduation,  I worked in the group home setting with Sacramento County Probationers for several years as a case manager and counselor.  In 2013, I graduated from California State University, Sacramento with my Master’s in Social Work and began working at a California State Prison on the psychiatric ward in 2013 where I did psychological evaluation, diagnosis, individual/group therapy, and suicide assessments.  In 2016, I transferred to state parole where I currently provide the same services for mentally ill parolees.  I am also a per diem staff at Sutter Hospital where I work in the emergency department doing suicide evaluations and 5150 holds.  My goal has always been to help people get to where they personally want to be and, at times, protect them from themselves.  Treatment is defined by the individual, not by me as a therapist.  I hope to help you attain your goals!