Therapy 101


What to Expect

The first session is an initial evaluation where information will be gathered from your biological-psychological-social background.  It is necessary to identify the presenting problem and symptoms that are to be addressed in therapy.  After we establish treatment goals we will work on a schedule that fits both of us; whether weekly, bi-weekly, or month sessions are appropriate.    I work with anyone ages 12+.  No matter gender, ethnicity, sexuality, race, religion; I am here to help!

Limits of Confidentuality

Confidentiality is key to building a great client-therapist relationship.   That being said, there are only a few reasons why I would ever break confidentiality:  Danger to Self (suicidal), Danger to Others (Homicidal), Grave Disability (unable to care for self), Abuse of an Elderly Person, Abuse of a Child, and Abuse of a person with disability.  We will discuss this further in the initial session but these are the only circumstances where I will alert outside officials.  Safety comes first!

Theoretical Frameworks

I use several treatment approaches at different times in a session to better fit the presenting symptoms.  These approaches include:  Client-Centered, Solution-Focused Therapy, Empowerment Approach, Cognitive Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, and Motivational Interviewing.  A co-worker once told me that as a therapist we must have a "Bat Belt" on at all times in regards to treatment options; as a comic hero fan I took that to heart and made sure I would be ready for any problem that was presented to me by always having on my "Bat Belt".     

Mood and Anxiety Disorders

Although I have treated close to every diagnosis in the book, my specialty is working with people  who have problems with depression, anxiety, and PTSD.  These problems can wreak havoc on a person's employment, family, and social life.  Often people with these symptoms wait far too long to reach out for help.  Don't be afraid to get the help you deserve; all's it takes is one call, text, or email for you to start to feel better.  You are not alone and you don't have to wait any longer!

Substance Abuse Disorders

Addiction is hard to manage and often people do not know if the mental health problems came before, during, or after their substance abuse issues.  Research has shown that working on mental health issues while working on a co-occurring substance abuse disorder is best practice.  Use of motivational interviewing is the preferred model when working with substance abuse and that is the approach I use.  Contact me to get started and never wait too long to overcome addiction.  Addiction can rip apart families, get someone fired, land a person in jail, and potentially be fatal.  Don't wait!

Family/marriage counseling


Family Counseling

Sometimes the family dynamic may be off and a family session is in need to get everyone back on track.  Family counseling is an excellent way for family members to have a safe place to discuss problems in the home with a mediator present for support and counseling.  This type of counseling is often overlooked due families  looking at an individual as the problem or cause of disturbance.  By bringing family members together, the family unit can learn that each individual has a role to play and that they are all on the same team.  This type of treatment is highly recommended for parents with teenagers and preteens as this can be a difficult transition time with the family unit.  

Marriage Counseling

Most marriages wait too long before seeking help.  Marriage counseling works best when both parties are invested in growing their relationship to a point it was in the past.  Often married couples wait until one person already has a foot out the door and they try to use counseling as life preserver.  This works sometimes but most of the time it is too late.  Take the chance in preserving a marriage and living up the vows you made on your special day.  Marriage can be difficult but it does not have to always end in divorce.  Most of the time all it needs is a tune up to get things back running at full steam.  As we grow old with our loved ones, we will go through emotional, spiritual, career, and physical changes; it can be difficult to adjust to one another.  I believe marriage is sacred and something to cherish on a daily basis.  How hard do you want to fight for your loved one?